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Reed Job Board

Here are my top four tips when using the job board Reed to search for new vacancies...

1) Keyword Searching
Keyword searching allows you to tailor your search, giving you greater control over the results. You can choose to search by job title, qualifications, or any other word you wish to see anywhere within the job description. Using the job title to search is fine as a starting point, but try to alternate phrasing to change search results.

2) Use The Filters
Most job sites will offer filtering options that allow you to tailor search results. You should make use of job type, salary, and suitability filters to provide you with the most personalised results. For example, the more specific you are with location than the better but if you are willing to travel then try widening your location to improve your job search.

3) Filter Results By Date Posted
To save time spent reading through the same roles, change your search parameter to order results by date posted. Something which will be particularly time effective if you’re searching on a regular basis.

4) Set Up Daily Alerts
Once you’re happy with your search and think the results are relevant to what you’re looking for, save the details. Use this to set up ‘search alerts’. So even if you haven’t got time to look during the day, all similar jobs will be sent directly to your inbox, meaning you never miss out on an opportunity again.

I hope these tips help you in your job search! All the best,


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