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Video Call Interview due to COVID-19?

Updated: May 4

Due to the Coronavirus businesses are conducting interviews via video call. Here are some top tips for preparing for your video call interview:

  • Test audio and camera before the interview

  • Elevate your laptop to avoid staring down into the camera

  • Position yourself at a table, against a plain, neutral background

  • Check the lighting in the room so that there is no glare on the screen

  • Close all other applications on your laptop so that you are not distracted by notifications

  • Silence your mobile phone

  • Have a copy of your CV to hand so that you can refer back to your experience

  • Attach post-its around the laptop screen with prompts and questions you wish to ask the interviewer to help with prompts

  • Make sure you are in a quiet environment away from children and pets

  • Have pen and paper at hand to make notes

  • Have a glass of water next to you

  • Have the phone number of the interviewer in case video connection is lost so that you can continue over the phone

  • Look into the camera, not the screen

Normal interview preparation still applies:

  • Ensure that you have fully researched the company in depth, have notes about them with you if you need to

  • Ensure that you know who your interviewer is

  • Ensure that you have practiced competency based questions that your interviewer might ask

  • Dress professionally, it’s still an interview and first impressions count!

  • Send a “thank you” email within 2 hours of the interview

I hope this helps you!

All the best in your job search, Chloe

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