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Pros & Cons Of Working From Home

Updated: May 4, 2021


  • More flexibility with regards to hours i.e. if you wanted to start earlier

  • Zero commuting

  • Save money on travel, coffee and lunch

  • Generally you are more productive when working from home

  • More time with loved ones

  • Wearing comfy clothes!

  • Distractions - while there may be distractions at home you control them much easier than you can control distractions that come from coworkers, employees, and other office-based noise.


  • Sticking to a routine

  • Wifi more likely to drop out or not be fast enough to hold video call meetings

  • Background noise / distractions i.e. children and pets

  • Work and home life balance, knowing when to switch off

  • Missing in person interaction

  • You can feel out of the loop

  • Waiting for an answer from a colleague - you need to ask a super quick question, but it’ll impact how you do something for the next hour or even the rest of the day, and there’s no response for a while.

Tips For Working At Home

  • Don’t underestimate Facetime/Zoom - great way to catch up with your team and clients

  • Keep it professional - set up a workspace and make it off limits to the rest of your household while you’re working

  • Be responsive - get in the habit of sending a prompt reply whenever you get an email or message from a customer or colleague

  • Set specific touchpoints with your team - regular catch ups with your team, at least twice a week

If you need any advice or are searching for a new role please get in contact with the team on 01235 606078.

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