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Back To School!

Updated: May 4

Back to school for the children, is now the time to jump back into your career?

Here are our top tips for returning to work after taking time of to look after your children:

  • Be open to changing career paths - reassess your skill set, would a career change suit your new and adapted skills more than your previous career?

  • Work out the right working pattern that suits you - how many hours you can commit to, what time you can start/finish work to allow for school pick up/drop off and what days you can commit to. Knowing this in advance is useful to let employers know in advance.

  • Don't be worried about asking for flexible work, but also be open to negotiation - don’t automatically think you can only apply for part time roles. Lots of full time roles offer flexibility, job shares and work from home options.

  • When you get to work, be present - avoid feeling guilty for not caring for your child whilst you work.

  • Accept that you may need to leave work occasionally - if you need to take time out to care for an ill child don’t feel guilty for needing to do so.

  • Ensure you have time to unwind from both work and home commitments.

Please feel free to email us your CV to be considered for our current vacancies.

All the best in your job search,


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